Expressions of Healing

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My path of healing started as I began my journey writing my autobiography “Your Deliverance Is Coming”. My book was used as a healing tool to get where I am today. Healing is a process in which God only knows how long the process will be, in my case it took decades. A little over two to be exact, and I appreciate the process because what I have realized is that pain brings attention to your problem and that is exactly what it did for me. My pain was an indication that I was in need of a healing. The physical pain I had endured due to sexual abuse and domestic violence was visible pain but the mental pain that I carried was far greater then it all. Being trapped in my mind with the thoughts of my past abuse took a toll on my personality. Thank God for Jesus because my faith allowed me to push pass my pain. I was able to use my pain for purpose and help heal other with similar pain. I became an advocate with (Lakeisha Brown Foundation) LBF in which we have touched lives from the young and old, men and women.